Welcome To Steve's Caving page.

By Stephen Grimes.

This page was last updated Jan 9, 1998.

Caving has been one of my favorite passtimes for more than 15 years. I am lucky enough to live only a few hours drive from south central Kentucky, some of the best caving territory in the world and home of Mammoth Cave (the longest known cave in the world).

Caving is a diverse activity with many flavors. Some of them include photography, surveying/mapping, vertical work, electronics, and SCUBA. As time goes by I will add information pertaining to these various topics for those of you of the internet community who find this interesting.


The Long Hollow Cave project.

Read trip reports about various caves. (coming soon!)

Visit my photo gallery of cave photos. (coming soon!)

You can access other cave related web sites. (coming soon!)